I remember when I was an intern during college I asked a mentor how do I learn more about operating systems and Linux. He told me to just install Arch on my laptop.

This is a point that gets missed a lot. Besides the benefits of having a minimal system and the rolling releases, installing Arch will give you a really good understanding of how the OS works as well as information of process management, file systems and other lower-level components. And it's cheaper than going through 4 years of a Computer Science degree ;)

Most email services are very privacy-invasive without any additional benefit.

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Video explaining in detail

Email privacy and security has been a topic of discussion for a long time. Unlike a lot of the technology being used these days, email has been around for a while. It’s no surprise that companies such as Google that make their money from user data…

Although this is some blatant scare mongering I do agree with the underlying sentiment. Firefox really is the only viable option if you care about both your privacy and a FOSS future. Mozilla have done some equally (and in many ways worse) stuff in the past but being the only decent non-chromium browser it allows us to not be as reliant on Google created products. Also great projects such as The Tor Foundation are reliant on Mozilla continuing to update and maintain Firefox so it would be a travesty for it to be lost.

This is an interesting read but aside from the fact that the answer to this problem just being to use Tor/VPNs, it seems like it doesn't even truly address the problem. From my (albeit limited) understanding of ESNI it just allows for the domain/certificate to be hidden in the connection. This might be useful if you're connecting to a single IP with many different domains pointing to it but even then large ISPs and anyone using Whois could figure out a list of sites you're attempting to access.

You even mentioned this at the bottom of the article with Cloudflare using Dynamic IP addresses (which is definitely good) but this is completely useless if you're not hosting on a large, centralised web hosting company like Cloudflare.

Overall a step in the right direction but nowhere near solves the problem or replaces the existing solution of using Tor/VPNs.

Programming syntax has been dominated by the English language but there are some exceptions.

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Video Discussing The Languages in This Article

Programming languages have been around since nearly the beginning of the information age. Since most advancements and early tech companies were in western English-speaking countries, it’s no surprise that the English language has been embedded into the syntax of the more popular coding…

Easily stream any movie or TV show from a raspberry pi.

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Video Showing the steps

Netflix has became so popular these days that new terms are even being created based on the service (Binge watching, Netflix & Chill etc..). In the same way Googling something has just became synonymous with internet searches, the same can be said for Netflix and streaming…

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