The dark web is home to a lot of genuine content not just the nefarious things we hear in the news

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The dark web has gotten a reputation for containing a lot of illegal content. The (mostly false) story of Ross Ulbrict was recently the feature of a Hollywood movie titled “Deep Web” that explained how he founded the Silk Road website where drugs and other illegal content was sold. What most people don’t realise is that there is a whole other world of genuine content on the dark web. …

Our natural state was never to sit looking at a screen all day which is evident by the increase in short sightedness and other seeing issues, lack of mobility and functionality in our bodies, the increase in obesity, depression and other medical issues. Only a fool would think that that's normal or healthy. There were many points in history that didn't have the same issues as us and indeed many people today that don't and they aren't "living in small tribes and dying at the age of 40".

OONI is a tool you can use to test if you’re being censored online

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Internet censorship sounds like a really dystopian idea but it’s actually a very common occurrence even in western countries. There has been a long history of ISPs and the government banning and censoring content that infringes on copyright laws or is considered wrong-think in one way or the other. My country (Ireland) at one stage even had a country-wide block on anyone accessing Pirate Bay for years. …

The moral panic over social media isn't completely unfounded it's just that it's only touching the surface. Whether you want to blame it on social media or any of the other vast amounts of "improvements" in the information age we are seeing increases in all assortments of mental health issues these days. You are now (in the west) more likely to kill yourself that be killed in a war.

This isn't solely due to "new technology" as much as its due to humans being placed in a strange state of living that's simply not natural to them. It's bewildering that…

There is only one clear solution to the problems associated with social media.

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Social media and other online platforms and communication tools, have become a great cause of concern in recent years. What may have intended on bringing people together and creating a sense of community in these strange times has fundamentally become a destructive force on society. The numerous issues with social media from privacy to health effects have been outline on many other places before but many of the purposed solutions such as federated platforms, fall short of addressing the underlying issue.

Problems with social media

To fully understand the issues with social media it is important to discuss the…

You could have just called this article "The FSF: An idea whose time has passed".

There are a number of things you wrote that just make absolutely no sense. Whether you want to admit it or not every single internet company used free and open-source software. From the Nginx and Apache servers to the OS level services they run on. You may say that this is "industrial" open source software but the result is the exact same. A tool or service I can independently verify and freely use. The only distinction being a licence.

You talked a lot about security…

CalyxOS is an Android ROM that allows you to completely de-google your phone.

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Step by step guide

Many people spend time choosing internet browsers and other tools that are very privacy-focused. However, not only does your phone contain more privacy-invading tools and services than your computer but you also carry it around with you all day. There are ways to harden your Android phone but the best thing to do is install a custom ROM that is open-source and doesn’t contain any of the spyware that Android does.

What is CalyxOS?

The most popular custom ROM out there at the moment is LineageOS. Not only can it be installed on nearly any android phone but it…

Although I do appreciate the attitude in the article there are a number of pretty crucial issues with bitcoin specifically (cost of mining, time it takes to authenticate transactions, not being anonymous etc..) that I've discussed in a recent article. I do think your view on what Bitcoin represents is spot on but the issues in the crypto space seriously need to be addressed.

The future foretold by blockchain has a long way to be actualised

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The world we currently live in has had a significant trend towards centralised power. Despite technological advancements, this trend has not changed and, in many ways, has accelerated. Nearly everything we do, from paying for goods and services to communicating with each other to the food we consume, is reliant on a few very large companies and organisations. Although the idea of centralised services may seem like it has brought stability or security, reality has shown that this is not the case. Creating a single point of failure and allowing organisations unchecked power has had untold consequences. …

An open source and decentralised social media platform you can host yourself

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Video showing the steps to setting up the instance

It’s been a week since Trump got kicked of Twitter and Parler got kicked off AWS. Deplatforming has become a hot topic which has made some people question the future of social media. For most people this isn’t a huge concern as they don’t discuss controversial topics but like every other aspect in life it’s good to look for alternatives that don’t make you more reliant on giant corporations. The answer to most of the problems with social media…

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